Nearly $1 million In Grants Awarded

During the year ending June 30, 2016, The Inner-City Foundation For Charity & Education awarded $946,200 to nearly 50 worthy organizations whose programs serve at-risk and needy children and adults of Fairfield County. The Foundation strives to identify and support those organizations that have proven, or have the strong potential, to be most effective at serving that population efficiently and well. For a complete list of grant recipients click on the attachment below.

Over the past twenty-five years the Foundation has awarded more than $28 million in grants, including $14.5 million in scholarship aid for inner-city school students, and $6.1 million to social service agencies that provide food, clothing, health services, counseling, transportation and shelter to those in need. The Foundation has also awarded $7.5 million to support programs for students with learning disabilities, recreation and education programs for children, and adult literacy and job training programs that empower individuals to become self-sufficient.

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